Thursday night concert keeps the music rolling

Performing last Thursday night in Millersville’s Club de Ville were two young rock bands. Sponsored by the UAB, the first band to take the stage was a local group known as Kingsfoil. Named after a plant from the film series “Lord of the Rings,” the band was lead by Jordan Davis on vocals and guitar. Formerly in a duo with Davis, Tristan Martin was on the keyboard as well as the guitar and vocals. Since about 2007, supporting the bass line of Kingsfoil is Tim Warren and playing the drums is Joe Cipollini. Warren and Cipollini are MU alumni and were glad to be back at their old college doing what they love. Originally from the York/Lancaster area, the performers supplied a melody and sound that is best heard on an enjoyable summer night car ride. Influenced by bands such as Paramore, Kingsfoil is successful at producing new Era rock music similar to the popular rock band known as The Fray. Continue reading