Surviving the winter: Spring has blossomed

Christian Harding
Assoc. Opinion Editor

Right now, I’m about to share a sentiment of which I’m quite sure many people would probably agree with: I really love the springtime. Pretty much everything that’s associated or involved with the season of spring, I’m a fan of it.

And when I say everything, I pretty much mean everything. The warmer weather, the longer it stays light out, the cute baby ducks that like to be fed breadcrumbs, etc; the list of lighthearted seasonal tropes is practically without end, and I pretty well really enjoy it all.

musoprettygahI mean, who wouldn’t? There aren’t very many detractions or downsides I can think of off the top of my head, but more on that later.

In addition to the amount of annual merriment and celebration that simply comes with the territory, the arrival of the spring season in 2014 will have been all the more welcome and well received, having just followed a particularly brutal and harsh last few months of the winter season, which still might not even be over yet *shiver*.

Hey, while we’re on the subject, does anybody out there still feel like denying global climate change as the cause for all this crazy weather we’ve been getting lately? I offer up these horrifically frigid last few months (not to mention the record-shatteringly hot summer we had last year) as evidence into the affirmative category.

As for my plans for the forthcoming spring break, probably unlike the greater majority of my classmates here on campus, I don’t necessarily have anything tremendously adventurous in the way of events or vacations lined up. Nope, I’ll instead be taking it easy this break for the most part, though I still do have my fair share of more exciting plans in the works (getting Chinese food with old friends from high school, going out on the town with my sisters, taking a nice warm bath or two, getting a haircut, maybe even seeing a classic film on the big screen).

But to everyone else, I wish you a safe, but ultimately enjoyable week off from school. Hopefully the weather down here is more agreeable by the time we come back for the final dozen or so weeks.

But just like everybody else here, between now and our upcoming spring break is a plethora of schoolwork that needs to be done. Most of it comes in the form of midterms, which in and of themselves need a heap of preparation and studying.

Thrown into the mix as well are a few term papers, as well as some miscellaneous projects and even some online discussion board units. Why all the professors here feel the need to schedule everything within the same two week window of time is beyond me.

flowerAll of the excess amount of busy work and extra assignments would probably be the most problematic thing about the coming of spring if it weren’t for the allergies brought on by the pollen and general seasonal changes.

So in summing this up, I guess I’m just all too ready for spring to have finally gotten here, which is to say nothing of the fact that we’re already at the halfway mark of the semester and I can count on one hand the number of days where the weather has been above 50 degrees. And really, despite all the changing weather conditions and increasing work loads, the most any of us can honestly hope for is a relatively successful second half of the semester, of which this will be my last. But again, more on that later.

For now, let’s just enjoy the rising temperature, before it rises to damn near intolerable levels once again.

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