Miss Rugby crowned Miss Millersville 2014

Danielle Kreider
Associate News Editor

Lights, camera, Hollywood! That was the theme for the 8th annual Miss Millersville competition, which was held on Wed. Feb. 26th in the SMC MPR. The event was proudly hosted by MUTV 99, and included a bake sale that was held throughout the competition.

Ten MU ladies participated in the event, they were: Cat Ardes represented the university newspaper The Snapper, Alex Blessing represented Her Campus Millersville, Miriam Cintron represented the Anthropology Club, Yarrow Courney represented PRSSA, Heather Frantz represented Campus Recreation, Natalie Fulton represented the university radio station WIXQ, Hilary Powell represented the National Honors Fraternity of Phi Sigma Pi, Allison Nagler represented the local honors organization Delta Phi Eta, Hynea Redd represented MU’s NAACP College Chapter and Imani Thomas who represented the Millersville women’s rugby team.

These ladies were judged in three categories: talent, beachwear (which is creatively assembled beachwear) and presence and presentation. The four judges of the event were Dr.Dorman (adviser to MUTV 99), Dr. Boyle (communications department chair), Liz Shaw (MU ’13 alumni) and Kerri Anderson (Miss Millersville 2013). Also, MU’s own Essence Dance Team performed during the 15-minute intermission of the event. And the MC’s of the competition were Joe Gratz and McKenzi David.

Once the competition commenced the ladies performed their opening dance number to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” After all the contestants went through the talent and beachwear portions they then went onto presence and presentation. This year’s presence and presentation was slightly different from previous years. The contestant’s escorts selected their question instead of the contestants themselves. An example of one of the questions asked is, “How do you believe your organization will improve in the next five years?”

Three winners are presented at the end of the competition: People’s Choice, runner-up and Miss Millersville. People’s Choice award is given to the contestant who received the most money in their organization’s perspective box (that the contestant has made with their organization).

This year’s People’s Choice award went to Miss PRSSA, Yarrow Courney and runner-up was awarded to Miss Campus Recreation, Heather Frantz. Miss Rugby, Imani Thomas was crowned Miss Millersville 2014.

When asked how it feels to be crowned Miss Millersville ’14 and what this means for her and her organization, Thomas stated, “It feels excellent! And our team deserved it. This is very important for us because we don’t get a lot of money from Millersville University for our organization, so this will more then help with expenses for the team.”

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