Campaign pricetags

Sam Dutton
Opinion Editor

Jesse J sings these words in her popular song “Price Tag”: “It’s not about the money, money, money We don’t need your money, money money We just wanna make the world dance Forget about the price tag.”
In perfect world money would not make the world go round but in reality and in politics money is often the only language understood. The 2012 election boasts the title of most expensive election in history. The Center for Responsible Politics (ironic title if you ask me) estimates the total spending to cash in at $6 billion dollars. But where does all this money come from? The Obama campaign relied heavily on small donations from grassroots supporters whereas the Romney funds trickled in from Big money donors. And where has all the money gone? Campaign donations are spent largely on those mostly negative television ads that we can almost recite by heart at this point aimed at converting voters to their party. Barack Obama spent $347 million on the negative ad campaign and Romney spent a whopping $386 million. I shake my head at all of these costs that are being spent on commercials and campaigning watching grown men beg “PICK ME”!!!!
Whilst at the same time some of our schools cant afford updated textbooks for their students, our elderly cant afford their prescriptions, and our unemployment rate although they claim (has improved) not drastically enough like we need—and. Does anyone else see anything wrong with the idea that a majority of the population is trying to make ends meet and our potential leaders have billions of dollars to use at their disposal for their political campaigns. Of course the problem with political campaigns is not restricted to the fact that politicians spend an abundance of cash but issues also lie who provides these generous donations for their campaigns and what they get in return. Democracy has slipped out of the hands of “we the people” and has been snatched up by those that can write large checks. So lets cut our spending in education, in fact cut spending across the board as long as politicians can afford to fund their political campaigns nothing else should matter right?