No reason for men to wear earrings

Have you ever wondered what happened in recent cultural history that in some twisted way found guys wearing earrings? Why did guys wearing earrings suddenly become cool? I am here to dispel this curious myth and hopefully shed some light for these poor misguided souls who sport these accessories.

Apparently some males have come to the unlikely conclusion that wearing earrings makes them appear “cooler” or a “hard ass.” What happened to the old day “hard asses” who were the cool guys like Mike Tyson, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Mike Ditka, the Philadelphia Flyers Dave Schultz, Chuck Norris? Do you ever see them wearing earrings? They would have laughed at the idea if suggested they sport anything made for a woman.

Now, don’t get me wrong I do not mean to criticize the people who have ten earrings on their face along with twenty tattoos scattered on any piece of flesh on their body. These people fall into their own category as “slightly mentally disturbed,” and that is a topic for another day. We are focusing on the kids who you see walking around campus sporting the earrings and the muscle t-shirts, apparently trying to project a tough guy appearance.

The earring used to be an accessory only worn by women, and it was to make them appear prettier and attract guys to them. It would appear that wearing muscle t shirts and women’s jewelry would form a contradiction with each other. If you are going to sport one women’s accessory and appear cool, it is only logical that you should be able to swap any item a woman wears and appears cool too.

Does a guy appear cool wearing a dress? How about a bracelet? How about some high heels? If we can not appear cool wearing those, then I don’t think we should be able to appear cool wearing earrings. If you want to figure out who are the “cool guys and hard asses” of all men, you must simply turn to the sports world for your answers.

The roughest guys in the sports world are by far the hockey players, who you would be hard pressed to find one with their full set of teeth. The coolest guys in the sports world have to be football players, and very few of them actually wear earrings either. The only football players who wear earrings are usually the wide receivers, who are the ones who complain and are afraid of getting hit. Case in point is cry baby Terrell Owens.

The time has come for those of us wearing earrings to realize that they were made for women, and if you continue to wear them maybe you are a woman yourself.

  • russ webber

    what a crock of shit , guys should be allowed to wear what they like , after all girs and women can wear what they want , you should get with the real world , i think you might find , men started wearing high heels before women , and thats goes with earrings too , goes back to the stone age .
    You women are so lucky , you can wear what you want , personally i would rather see a cool guy looking comfortable in what he wants to wear , than a fat women showing off her belly in low cut top and short skirt gross

  • Geof

    Check out your school mascot (a marauder or land pirate) what does he have in his ear? Oh yeah a earring much like the resulting major section of historical fact based upon information about people who considered themselves pirates. I guess pirates were in fact doing this to prove that they weren’t a hardass or cool in as definition of the word. That being said, your article is opinion based, it however doesn’t make your opinion worth anything outside of the lowly Snapper diatribe about people.

  • Sir Ian

    Your ignorance is astounding. Your grammar is deplorable. Your homophobia is offensive.

  • Anon

    This article would have been good if it wasnt so bad.

  • your mom

    a f-ing intelligent homophob is what you are. do research d*ckhole.


    The practice of piercing of the foreskin for the insertion of jewellery is as old as circumcision, and is of immemorial antiquity, going back far beyond the earliest recorded history. During the games of Ancient Greece, the athletes performed nude, and to prevent their penises moving about they bound the foreskin with a ribbon and tied it to the base of the penis. This ribbon. or leather thong was called the “Kynodesme” from the Greek “Kuon” foreskin, and “Desmos” fastening band. This temporary practice probably led to the permanent piercing of the foreskin, either to prevent slaves and athletes from having sex, or to prevent them from having erections. The Roman’s used a practice called Infibulation, it involved two piercings going through the foreskin (or Labia in women) and a lock (Fibula) being placed therein.

    The Roman historian Mensius declares that Infibulation may be traced back to the time of the siege of Troy (12th Century BC) for he points out that according to “The Odyssey” (Bk. VIII, Line 477) Agamemnon departed for the Trojan War, and left his wife Clytemnestra, in the care of the singer Demodecus, seeing that he had been infibulated.

    The prevalence of the practice is attested to by the number of references to it, to be found in ancient writings. The roman writers Juvenal, Martial, Strabo, Fallopio, and Hieronymus Mercurialis all make mention of the practice. The piercing process is described in detail by the famous 1st Century Roman physician Celsus, in his treatise on medicine “De Medecina”

  • The Voice of Reason

    I love how they let anyone with a computer call themselves a writer here at Millersville University. If you were a true writer you would have done a little research before you wrote this horribly edited cyber soapbox. I will forgive your inability to use word properly and I will ignore the spelling mistakes and typos. I will not, however, tolerate ignorance. You drone on and on trying to prove that earrings were originally made for women. Do you have proof or did you just make that up to fit your opinion? I already know the answer but I wanted to ask it anyway.
    If you would have spent even 5 minutes looking up the history of the male earring you would have found that American sailors wore earrings with pride. Last time I checked sailors were one of the toughest groups out there. If you disagree take it up with one of them. By the way, that fact came from a book…you know, those things with words in them.
    I find this article sexist towards women, offensive to men, and just plain inaccurate . It is people (not writers) like you who discredit the Snapper and it is people who have turned what was once a good newspaper into made up fodder. Good luck next time Tyler.

    –The Voice of Reason

  • CallUout

    Does a guy appear cool wearing a dress? How about a bracelet? How about some high heels?……how about a necklace Tyler????

    or how about this one Tyler

    this one is a little less noticeable


  • Facebook Friend
  • Johnson Hohn

    u r true my friend,, earring makes you less manner and less tougher and less everything

  • Lord Byron

    In all honesty, you haven’t a clue what you’re writing about. In all sincerity, I think people like you should be shot for sport. Not that I personally hate you, but you’re just too stupid to be kept alive. Spoils the gene pool.

  • Lazy

    No reason for women to wear earring either…or any type of jewelry for that matter you useless c*nt.

  • Jake

    this article is offensive and after seeing those pictures i can see your a big tool… i dont even need to meet you and i know this is true

  • Jake

    …and i just finished the rest of the article, and everyone on the defensive line on my football team has either an earring or tattoo. you are making me angry just reading this article

  • Guy with earring, u douchebag.

    Dude, u are an uninformative douchbag.

  • Julian

    yeah, your a f-ing jacka**.

  • Davita2783

    Native American men pierced their ears as part of the dress for a war party as well as for marriage and a coming of age in different tribes. As that I am Native American myself I allowed my three boys all to have their ears pierced. They all play football, baseball, and soccer. So I find your opinion to be cruel and uneducated. You should learn not to judge people by their apperiance. A man wearing earrings doesnot change who they are as a person, just like a torn cover on a book doesnot change the words on the inside.


    NO FOOL.

  • ian

    sylvester stallone (and possibly chuck norris/mike tyson) wears an earring.

  • ian

    and I’d be surprised if less than half of the NFL has their ears pierced.

    don’t be mad at earrings because some douchey guys, who happen to wear earrings, are getting the girls you like.

  • PMW

    You have a great reply! It really takes the topic to a deeper, more real level.
    Tyler, sounds like you may just be writing to stir people up and generate readers. As Davita2783 said, look deeper into people to know them. Look deeper into yourself too. Being judgmental will only cause trouble for you. Consider writing content that isn’t fueled by hatred and ignorance as you will be happier for it and others may be made happier and wiser too. Earrings are a non-issue. Long hair isn’t either. Culture and customs change. That is more surface, “read the words inside the book” because that’s the most important part.

  • bert

    I think the truth hurts and that is why you get offended and I am a young adult but you want to be like a monkey monkey see monkey do .. I am with you earrings are for women or men that want to be women.

  • Jenstrong

    youre an idiot… earrings and piercings go way back to tribal civilisations, worn by male warriors like the aztecs and mayans. They would chop your head off, you fucking homo.

    • the1fletch

      Jenstrong, you are typical of those whom you intend to represent; inarticulate, defensive and abusive. And you failed to put together a grammatically correct sentence. Let me help you:
      “You’re an idiot. Earrings and piercings go way back to tribal civilizations, worn by male warriors like the Aztecs and Mayans.” If you’re going to make reference to them, please make sure that you capitalize proper nouns such as the names of Central American Indian tribes. Maybe you’d be better off if you went to live with a tribe somewhere with sticks and spears since you admire them so much. We civilized people would truly appreciate it; we’d rather not live with such barbaric nonsense.

      • niller

        and youre still a homo HAHA

        • the1fletch

          Once again, your (“niller”
          and “Jenstrong”) reverting to name-calling perfectly supports my statement
          regarding the warrior “wanna-be” and their retreat from a civilized society back to
          grass-skirted, spear-toting tribesmen jumping around a campfire. How did you
          get to be such a violent bunch? The irony is that you would most likely wet
          your briefs if you were to meet up with a true Aztec warrior. Go ahead, now.
          Demonstrate your barbaric small-mindedness by reverting to name-calling, once again.

  • the1fletch

    True, we did evolve from such a barbaric and uncivilized bunch. As we progressed through the millennia, most of the advanced centers of our social order learned to read, write, speak articulately and attempt to live together in civility. They adopted new customs of behavior and adornment which were less barbaric and less savage. Hence the reason that for centuries most well-mannered, gracious and highly civilized of us, the League of Gentlemen, don’t need to call attention to ourselves by wearing earrings or damaging our skin with ugly tattoos. This need to adorn oneself in such a way is either a sign of immaturity, low self-esteem, or it is a way to promote a sense of belonging, to be a part of a group. It is one saying to the world, “Hey, look at me!”, “Me too!” Unfortunately, it is a sad and usually violent group they belong to. Hence the use of bad language.