MU cycling club races to a great start

The Millersville University cycling club began to pedal their way to another successful road bike season this month.

With three events left in their tracks, the club is healthy, strong, and confident it will finish ahead of the peloton in May, when the season ends.

Junior Jake Gerber is president of the 15-member club. According to junior Adam Haynos, the club was unofficially established in the 1970s. Road racers, mountain bikers, BMXers and cyclocross racers make up the club. Of the 15 members, six road-race competitively.

The club aims to promote the sport of cycling in all forms. Further, the MUCC encourages cycling as a recreation and a sport, to expand cycling in the Lancaster County Area and promote safety education of bicyclists. In 2007, the MUCC was voted Club of the Year.

The MUCC is a member of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, which is one of ten regional conferences making up the USA Cycling Collegiate.

Members race against other collegiate riders according to class and skill category. Harvard, University of Delaware, MIT and the University of New Hampshire are a few of the top name schools that Millersville is competing against.

The road racing season is already off to a great start. Last weekend senior John Poterjoy took fifth in the road race at The Blue Hen Dual-State Show Down held at the University of Delaware.

Senior John Poterjoy maneuvers around a bend during a recent event in which the MU cycling club participated. Photo by: MU Cycling Club.

Senior John Poterjoy maneuvers around a bend during a recent event in which the MU cycling club participated. Photo by: MU Cycling Club.

“Racers of this event ride 51 miles of grueling terrain with long climbs and fast downhill sections,” junior Greg Wesolowich said.

Poterjoy successfully endured the leg burning climbs and white-knuckle downhill sections to take fifth place after a sprint to the finish. The Blue Hen Show Down was the third race in the ECCC Road Series.

At the Grants Tomb Criterium held at Columbia University, Poterjoy and graduate student Andrew Webster took first and second respectively in the prime laps, earning individual points.

The following day, Wesolowich and Maret teamed up to push through the peloton. Wesolowich sprinted off the line while other racers chased him.

As the riders tired, Maret turned the screws and passed riders one by one. After breaking off from the front of the pack, Maret made a solo finish in first well ahead of the pack.

“Moving through the pack and picking off riders one by one is what we like to call, roping goats like a boss,” Wesolowich said.

Currently, the club is expanding their mission and looking for ways to volunteer in the community.

Gerber, the club’s president, is organizing an effort to clean up the streets in Millersville by participating in the Adopt a Highway program.

Next on the racing calendar is the 2009 Philly Phlyer Collegiate Race held in Philadelphia, Pa. this weekend. Gerber and the rest of the MUCC pack are hoping to rope some more goats.

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