Behind the desk: Leslie Bowen

Many teachers instruct courses that allow them to share their passions with their students and inspire them.

While Leslie Bowen does just that, she also allows herself to be inspired by her students.
Bowen went to Moore College of Art as an undergrad, and then attended University of the Arts.

Before coming to Millersville, Bowen taught at Lebanon Valley College and Conestoga Valley High School.

At Millersville, Bowen teaches several art classes to both art majors and non-art students. However, she didn’t always know that she wanted to teach.

“I went in as a fashion illustrator, found out I didn’t like that; switched to painting, decided that I would starve as a painter. Then I went into education,” she says.

She said she also supervises several student teachers.

Bowen said that she draws a lot of inspiration from her students, especially from her non-art students.

She enjoys taking students who normally wouldn’t know anything about art and “turning them on to artists, like Christo.”

She also frequently travels to art museums, galleries, and exhibits.

Outside of Millersville, Bowen teaches at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. She also enjoys scuba diving and reading.

  • Anne Duncan

    Leslie Bowen taught me Drawing at DCCC and she is a wonderful teacher. I never had an art class before and am still amazed at what she was able to do with me as she opened the door for me to art. The first inclass assignment was to draw three dimensional figures, I did what I could then Leslie walked over to me and started shading a line and said “see how shading the line changes the drawing and make it look real”, which it did. I am finishing up a degree this spring, and would love to take another drawing course with Leslie. How can I do that?

  • anne duncan

    I would like to take a class of Leslies’ this fall if she has one in the Media, Pennsylvania, vicinity.


  • Anna Rhodes

    I am a graduate of Moore College of Art years ago and I am planning
    to study with Xenia Hausner this summer.
    I would love to talk with Leslie Bowen or have e-mail communication.
    My web-site is included here and my telephone number is:
    206 328 1788.
    Thank you,
    Anna Rhodes
    Seattle Washington

  • Leslie Bowen

    I did not earn my masters from the University of the Arts, but from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The article by Amber Strazzo is incorrect.

  • benny baruti

    remember me